Ensure the Best Possible Time Making Memories on Your Boat

boat buyingNothing can spoil time out on your boat than mechanical trouble, running out of fuel, or someone getting injured miles from the shore. To ensure our day is as safe and enjoyable as possible when you are miles out at sea, here are a few things to consider that will really help to make the day uneventful provided from the yacht for sale specialist listing site boatmo.com.

1. Start by making sure that you invest in a good local boat mechanic who is at the least inspecting the boat once a month. These experts can easily spot potential trouble long before it becomes a dangerous issue on your boat. If you boat is inspected and maintained on a regular basis, you significantly lessen the likelihood of anything going wrong when you are entertaining guests out on the water.

2. Make sure that you own enough life jackets for every person on the boat including yourself. Each year there are horrific stories of boats running aground, hitting other boats, or getting capsized by unexpected waves, and people being dumped overboard without life jackets and drowning. Those were all preventable deaths that should serve as a reminder to you everyone on board MUST be wearing a life jacket.

3. Fuel up the boat before you leave the marina, and then make sure you know where all the nearest fueling stations are during your route. Never assume the one station you always go to will be open, it could have run out of fuel and then you put yourself and passengers at risk when the boat stalls far from shore as a fast-moving and dangerous storm approaches.

4. Not everyone can handle the rough waves in deeper water, so make sure you not only have a well stocked first aid kit, you need plenty of water and foods that will help your guests better cope with motion sickness.

5. Never drink any alcohol on your boat, regardless how far from shore you are spending the day. In your drunken state, you could easily misjudge your driving and hit a swimmer, another boat, or run aground.

6. Always have a fully charged cell phone or satellite phone on board that can be used to call in just in case of an emergency. Your boat radio could malfunction or stop working altogether. Always have a backup plan in the event that the worst case scenario were to happen and you are too far away for anyone to see your are in need of immediate help.